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Programme Details

Stage 1: Preparing to Teach

Support with UCAS application process

Our advisors will work with you through the UCAS application and interview process, and identify the package of support to best prepare you for your training year.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE)

Trainees may be enrolled on once of our SKE courses where they will develop their subject knowledge across Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level through an 8, 12, 16, 20 or 28-week SKE course. These courses are fully funded and attract a £200 per week bursary for eligible candidates.

Access to examples of best classroom practice

Using our VIDLEARN® Classroom Observation System (VCOS) we have recorded lessons live in the classroom which are then reviewed and prepared by a professional in education. These resources help trainees develop their subject knowledge further and provide a link between theory and practice.

Dedicated tutoring and support

We can offer each of our trainees a dedicated tutor and support team who they can communicate with via several channels

Stage 2: Becoming a Great Teacher

More time spent in the classroom

With elements of the course delivered online there is no need for you to attend centre or university-led lectures. This means you can be based full time in your placement school to benefit from immersion in the school environment from the very start of your training.

Teacher Training Enhancement Programme (TTEP)

The TTEP suite of online resources takes you through the Professional Studies 1 and Subject Studies that you need at the start of your teacher training. Professional Studies 2 builds on this to extend and improve your teaching. This is supported by our pedagogy sessions that are aligned with the Teachers’ Standards to provide coherent examples of best practice.

Access to your dedicated online support package

This is a suite of online facilities that allows trainees’ progress on the ITT to be tracked. This includes tools for lesson observations, mentor meetings, evidence tracking, and checkpoint assessments against the Teachers’ Standards.

School-based mentor support

You will have a dedicated school-based mentor who will help you to integrate into the school and offer support and advice during the training year.

Dedicated support via NOTT tutor

Your dedicated NOTT tutor will support you through your training and will work with you and your mentor to help you gain QTS.